The CBD Market is Growing Quickly

The CBD market is an interesting beast and one that continues to grow quickly, At ADACT we have three members of the team that come from a pharmaceutical background, manufacturing and product regulation, and the one thing that we take for granted is knowing that you can’t test quality into a product, what this means is two fold:

1. You must test your incoming and outgoing goods, especially your incoming goods, once you have made it no matter how much testing you do your product will still be wrong if your raw materials are wrong. Now this is obvious but how many companies blindly rely on supplier certificates, twice this week we have tested CBD isolate that was 10% out of specification. You have to remember that isolate is being made not to cGMP standards and in-batch variability is an issue. Its imperative you test your incoming goods

2. This is the most important point, you need to know where your product has come from, not just a vague awareness that its come from the USA or Europe, but you need to know, where it was grown, where it was extracted, whos hands its passed through to get to you, what standards are they operating to, when we test an isolate and say yes is 98 or even 99% CBD, what is in that other 1-2% it could be plant waxes and esters, or it could be something much more unpalatable. Relying on your broker to maintain the quality of your product is find if you have done the work and conducted the audits.

If you want help with auditing you supply chain just Ask ADACT, we can help you with this important task, we have the qualified staff and know what to do.