Material Safety Data Sheets Required for CBD Products

For those of us who have been working in the vape industry we know that MSDS (material safety data sheets) are required for any chemical mixture that is sold, but its not a requirement for food goods. However as many CBD companies start to produce vapes and cosmetics, you will find you are in the domain of needing MSDS sheets. These sheets basically give the safe handling procedures and labelling requirements for the product and it’s a legal requirement to provide these to a consumer on request. They should be sent to wholesale customers with the first order and any orders after you update the document, here are a few facts about MSDS sheets that you need to consider.

Each product should have a specific MSDS sheet, its not one size fits all, different flavour or strength requires its own MSDS sheet

Your MSDS needs to be EU standards, US ones are different and will not suffice

Your MSDS sheets need to be kept up to date, classifications are always changing

Do your labels match up with the requirements on the MSDS sheet

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