CBD and the Law (Which Law?)

At ADACT medical we offer a full compliance service for the Hemp and CBD industry in the UK and Europe, one of the questions that frequently what law governs CBD products, and the answer to that there is no one single law, but here is a rundown of the key areas of interest.

The core regulation is not about CBD at all it’s the Misuse of Drugs Act, and that covers the illegal cannabinoids that can be in as a contamination, THC, CBN, THCV, and some other minor ones. You only allowed these as a contaminant, and its less than 1mg in the total product. Not a percentage, the often made mistake is thinking its 0.2% but this is not the case, that is a legal limit on growing and processing industrial hemp, for finished products is 1mg in the pack. Beyond that the rules break down:

Growing Industrial hemp (you limited to using the stalks and leaves) and you need a home office license for that activity and the same for processing, if you want to use and extract the full plant you will need a controlled drugs license for growing hemp.

Making products, this often comes under local council remit, you need to register as a food manufacture and be subject to food hygiene inspections.

Vape products – these are not regulated as food, but your covered through GPSR by the same standards as nicotine vape products (TPD levels of assessment but without the notification)

Oral drops and Edibles – your covered by Food Standards Agency (FSA) rules on novel foods.

Creams and Cosmetics – your covered by the cosmetics act and need to notify your product on the CPNP European Cosmetics Portal

Oral capsules and tablets – as above for foods your covered by FSA rules

Advertising – your covered by the advertising standards agency

Medical Claims – these are regulated by the MHRA

If you have other questions then please get in touch.