ACAS E-cigarette Guidance – More Good News for the UK Vaping Industry?

ACAS E-cigarette guidance.

ACAS has published its guidelines on vaping in the workplace. The full document can be found here –

It clearly states that Vaping is not covered by the smoking ban so is at the discression of the employer.

Its makes the case, not strongly that vaping is a route to quiting smoking.

But does come out and highlight that there are social issues with some inconsiderate vaping.

Overall it’s a balanced approach to the topic and all employers should review this when forming their policies. The UKVIA, of which ADACT is a board member, have been campaigning for proportionate and reasonable regulation of vaping. This is another example on how that kind of lobbying can have a positive effect where normally the response is to just lump vaping in with smoking and ban it.